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Precons 2023

We are delighted to bring you these three pre-conference sessions. They are all-day events running in Trinity College on Thursday 8th June 2023. 

Cost for the precons is €250.00, with an early bird price of €200 until the end of April.

In this full-day pre-conference session, Matthew Roche and Melissa Coates serve as guides, providing an end-to-end tour of guidance on Power BI topics including data governance, system oversight, content management and delivery, building a center of excellence and a community of practice


Build Your AI Strategy is a strategy masterclass for senior management.


We'll review key components of managing the adoption of new technologies and capabilities to give decision makers the framework they need to evaluate their business


During this training day you will be joined by experts in the field who will show you how to build an end-to-end analytical solution using the Synapse analytics suite.

We will start off the day with a general introduction of all the capabilities. The day is divided into three main parts. Ingesting your data, cleaning your data, and then analyzing that data.

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